The Importance Of Ankle Support For Arthritis Sufferers

Leon Bowman

For many people dealing with the pain of arthritis, getting around can be a painful chore. Maybe your arthritis problems started in your lower back or in one or both of your hips. For many people, their arthritic problems start in their knees. No matter where arthritic pain starts out, if it causes you to shift your weight to one side or the other or to limp, you could end up also dealing with debilitating pain in your feet.

Side Effects of Limping And Stiff Joints

If you experience stiffness in your back or hips, chances are you have no choice but favoring it. Stiff joints can be extremely painful to move in a normal range of motion. In most cases, stiffness originating in the hips and lower back causes pain that leads to limping. Limping causes you to shift your weight to one side of your body, causing too much weight bearing on the foot of that side. Limping can create issues like arthritis in ankle joints due to unusual wear and tear.

Taking Care To Protect Your Feet And Ankles

No matter what medical problem you may have, if you lose the ability to walk, you are in bigger trouble. If you suffer with arthritic pain in your back or hips that is causing you to limp, seeking the advice of a podiatrist about proper ankle support is important. Providing enough support for your ankles can help you avoid the consequences of too much weight bearing. Ensuring your ankles and feet are strong can help you avoid immobility due to the development of arthritis in them as well. Your physician may recommend wearing foot orthotics to increase arch and ankle support as well. You can find ankle support options from specialized retailers like Orthomedix

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Treating arthritic pain before it can cause serious limping problems is important. If you are unable to walk without limping, it could be you are in need of a joint replacement. Hip and knee replacement procedures are common and can help you get back to the mobility you are used to. Eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough exercise can also help you thwart the pain of inflamed joints. Finding ways to manage arthritis can help you avoid issues like limping that can affect ankle joints.

Living every day with arthritis can be tough, even more so when you are unhealthy in other ways. Taking steps to maintain your good health can help to lower the stress and pain associated with arthritis. Discuss with your health care provider about how you can provide the best ankle support and avoid the problems created by limping.