3 Tips To Prevent Infection After Eye Muscle Repair Surgery

Leon Bowman

A weak eye muscle can result in double vision. This causes you to see multiple images instead of one. Double vision can sometimes be corrected with the help of glasses or an eye patch, however, more extreme cases require eye muscle repair surgery. After the surgery is complete it is important to keep your eyes protected from bacteria and other contaminants that can cause infection. During this time, your eyes are more susceptible to damage because they are weaker. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to ensure that your eyes remain infection-free after eye muscle repair surgery.

Wear an Eye Patch

An eye patch is typically used to correct vision problems. However, it can also be used to protect your eyes during your recovery process. The patch can be used during the day in order to keep contaminants like dirt and debris from entering your eyes. At night, you can remove the eye patch before going to sleep. The eye patch can be removed permanently a few days after the surgery has been completed.

Use Antibacterial Eye Drops

Antibacterial eye drops are designed to protect your eyes from bacteria while they heal. After eye muscle repair surgery, your eyes will be in a much weaker state. As a result, they need additional protection. The anti-bacterial drops work as a barrier to keep your eyes away from external elements that may infect them.

Avoid Touching and Rubbing Your Eyes

After the surgery, your eyes will feel extremely uncomfortable. They will feel itchy and scratchy. As a result, this may make you feel like rubbing them. However, this is a bad idea. The temporary pain relief that rubbing your eyes will bring can create a long list of problems for you in the future. Touching your eyes with your hands can transfer bacteria and dirt into your eyes. If your eyes become infected, you will need to see your optometrist. In addition, this infection will leave your eyes inflamed and in pain. As a result, curb your urge to rub or touch your eyes until they have properly healed.

Until you have experienced double vision it can be difficult to appreciate having normal vision. Luckily, eye muscle repair surgery is very effective at getting rid of double vision. The hard part comes during the recovery process. Therefore, use these tips to prevent infections and ensure that your eye recovers properly. Contact an optometrist, like Dr.Joslin, Dr.Morin & Associates, for more information.