Love To Run But Feet Hurt After You Get Done? 3 Things You Can Do

Leon Bowman

If you love to go running but your feet always hurt after you get done, below are some things you can do to stop this. This will allow you to keep doing something you love without having to worry about being in pain all the time.


If you have old shoes, you should get new ones. Make sure the shoes you buy are specifically designed for people that run. You will generally see them labeled as running shoes when you are shopping. As you are running, these shoes cushion your feet to make them feel much more comfortable. They also provide much more support to your feet, including your ankles, to help prevent injury.

There is more padding in the midsole of the shoes, which absorbs more impact as you take a step. Midsoles are made of polyurethane or EVA, or sometimes a combination of these two materials. Both materials are flexible and light.  Over time, this cushioning loses some of its resilience and rebound. This is the reason why you should have two pairs of running shoes so you can rotate them out.

There are also special running socks that provide you with even more protection. You can find these socks at most shoe stores. Wear your running shoes only while you are running, and wear different shoes for the rest of the time. This will allow them to last much longer for you.

Warm Up and Cool Down

One very important thing that you should do is to warm up before you start running, and then cool down when you are finished. This includes stretching the muscles in your feet.  When you first start running, start out jogging at a low speed, and gradually increase it until you get up to the speed you want.

To cool down, start gradually reducing your speed until you are at a slow jog and then walking. Do this for approximately 10 to 15 minutes before you stop running.

See a Foot Specialist

If you make these changes but are still in pain, you should stop running and see a foot specialist, which is known as a podiatrist. If you have an injury and continue running, you will cause much more damage. Take a list of medications you take to the doctor when you visit. This will let them see any medical conditions you have, as they may contribute to your foot pain. Also, wear your running shoes to the visit so the doctor can make sure they fit you correctly.

Most podiatrist treat things like heel spurs, arthritis, bunions, calluses, corns, and any diabetes related foot problems. They will take x-rays or use other types of scan to determine the problem you are having. The doctor may be able to give you medication, or you may need to have surgery. In many cases, you will have to see a physical therapist. To learn more, contact a foot specialist clinic like Foundation Chiropody foot doctor. ​

If you are serious about running, consider seeing a trainer, if only for a short time. They can help teach you the proper form just in case you are doing it wrong.