• 4 Exercises That Are Good For Postpartum Recovery

    Having a baby is quite a workout! Afterward, your muscles are sore, your pelvic floor is all out of sorts, and it really takes some work to get back to your pre-baby state. The following exercises will help strengthen and tone you without putting too much strain on the muscles and tissues that are still healing. Walking Walking is a better exercise than most people give it credit for. Not only do you burn calories, but your core has to work to keep your body tall and upright, which can help you rebuild abdominal and back strength.

  • How Chinese Herbs Work To Improve Your Health

    If your acupuncturist is suggesting that you take herbs to improve your health, you may be wondering what makes them different from any other kind of herbs. Herbs are a big part of the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, and can really help to give your acupuncture treatments a boost in efficacy. This guide will explain how Chinese herbs differ from medicine and western herbs, as well as what you can expect from them.

  • Faqs about Reading Glasses

    As you grow older, you might notice that reading books, newspapers, and other documents is becoming more difficult. You might not be quite ready for a pair of prescription glasses, but reading glasses could be beneficial. Before buying a pair off the rack at your local pharmacy, here is what you need to know.  Should You See Your Optometrist? A common misconception about reading glasses is that because they are so readily available, you do not need to see your optometrist to use them.

  • Tips For The Anxious Insomniac: How To Have Good Night Even If You Don't Get Much Sleep

    If you're seeing a therapist for your anxiety, the topic of insomnia has probably weaved its way into the conversation. Since anxiety can cause you to feel overwhelmed by social interactions, responsibilities, and so on, you may ruminate on these worries and thoughts instead of sleeping. If you want to alleviate your insomnia, you may want to try the following tips. 1. Practice Breathing and Meditation Your therapist like Dr Paul Johnston may already be working with you on breathing exercises and mantras.

  • Proper Etiquette For A Funeral Home

    If you've never attended a funeral before, it can be a little intimidating. Many people wonder what is expected of them in this situation with regard to dress, behavior and what they should say to the family. By following the rules of etiquette laid out below, you can be much more at ease when you're taking part in this solemn and important event. Your First Reaction When a death takes place in the family of someone close to you, it's expected for you to contact the family.