• The Importance Of Ankle Support For Arthritis Sufferers

    For many people dealing with the pain of arthritis, getting around can be a painful chore. Maybe your arthritis problems started in your lower back or in one or both of your hips. For many people, their arthritic problems start in their knees. No matter where arthritic pain starts out, if it causes you to shift your weight to one side or the other or to limp, you could end up also dealing with debilitating pain in your feet.

  • The Evolution Of Optometry

    In the modern world, eyeglasses and contact lenses are a common occurrence that have become a regular part of eye health. Lenses weren't always used, however, for the treatment of vision loss. Prior to a proper understanding of optics and the physiology of the eye, there wasn't much to be done for those suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Read on to get a basic understanding of the evolution of optometrical care.

  • Tips For The Anxious Insomniac: How To Have Good Night Even If You Don't Get Much Sleep

    If you're seeing a therapist for your anxiety, the topic of insomnia has probably weaved its way into the conversation. Since anxiety can cause you to feel overwhelmed by social interactions, responsibilities, and so on, you may ruminate on these worries and thoughts instead of sleeping. If you want to alleviate your insomnia, you may want to try the following tips. 1. Practice Breathing and Meditation Your therapist like Dr Paul Johnston may already be working with you on breathing exercises and mantras.

  • What You Should Know About Choosing A Walker For An Aging Loved One

    Making the decision to invest in a walking aid is a significant step for an aging family member. Often, these decisions come after a period of worry and anxiety about decreasing mobility. If your loved one has decided that it's time for a walker, here are some tips to help you choose one that will be both supportive and comfortable. Measuring for a Walker Have your loved one stand at ease with his or her arms down to the side.

  • What Foods Are Safe For My Braces?

    Once the orthodontist puts braces on your teeth, your diet will need to change to keep your braces safe and working properly. The list of foods that people with braces aren't allowed to eat can sometimes seem dishearteningly long. However, there are many tasty foods that people with braces can eat safely. Knowing which foods are safe to eat will help you enjoy the time while you have braces, and keep your braces from needing costly repairs.