• 3 Tips To Prevent Infection After Eye Muscle Repair Surgery

    A weak eye muscle can result in double vision. This causes you to see multiple images instead of one. Double vision can sometimes be corrected with the help of glasses or an eye patch, however, more extreme cases require eye muscle repair surgery. After the surgery is complete it is important to keep your eyes protected from bacteria and other contaminants that can cause infection. During this time, your eyes are more susceptible to damage because they are weaker.

  • Three Common Myths About Eye Cancer

    Everyone knows that protecting the skin from sunlight is important in reducing one's risks of developing skin cancer. However, people link UV ray protection with a reduction in eye cancer risks less frequently. Wearing sunglasses is not just important for reducing one's chances of developing eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. It's also important for reducing one's chances of developing a variety of different types of cancer of the eye and eyelid.

  • Faqs about Reading Glasses

    As you grow older, you might notice that reading books, newspapers, and other documents is becoming more difficult. You might not be quite ready for a pair of prescription glasses, but reading glasses could be beneficial. Before buying a pair off the rack at your local pharmacy, here is what you need to know.  Should You See Your Optometrist? A common misconception about reading glasses is that because they are so readily available, you do not need to see your optometrist to use them.

  • 6 Tips For Treating A Sprained Knee

    Whether you twisted it or landed wrong after a fall, an injured knee is nothing to laugh at. A sprained knee involves one or more of the four main ligaments in the knee overextending or tearing slightly. The pain can be incredible, and it's important to respond quickly with the right treatment. Rest Your Knee The first thing to do when you've sprained your knee is to stay off your feet.

  • How Physiotherapy Can Help Pregnant Women With SPD

    When you first become pregnant, you hear about -- or directly experience -- issues with pregnancy like morning sickness, heartburn or pressure on the bladder. Most women don't think about having serious trouble walking or moving around. But an issue called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), where the ligaments that hold the pelvic bone in place become too stretchy, can cause those women who suffer from it to be unable to walk, turn over in bed or even sit without pain.

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