• 4 Exercises That Are Good For Postpartum Recovery

    Having a baby is quite a workout! Afterward, your muscles are sore, your pelvic floor is all out of sorts, and it really takes some work to get back to your pre-baby state. The following exercises will help strengthen and tone you without putting too much strain on the muscles and tissues that are still healing. Walking Walking is a better exercise than most people give it credit for. Not only do you burn calories, but your core has to work to keep your body tall and upright, which can help you rebuild abdominal and back strength.

  • 3 Surprising Ailments That May Be Helped Through Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy is a medical treatment field that focuses on the muscles, skeletal system, and neurological system to help patients work through a range of conditions. While many people only consider physiotherapy for things like recovering after an accident, there are actually multiple ailments that can be helped through physiotherapy processes, and some of them may be surprising. The more you know how valuable physiotherapy is, the more equipped you will be to seek the right type of treatment when you need it.